Like "Hi, my spouse ejection fraction is between 20-25%. These are some low number and for him and cause a number of problems when the ejection is this low. Yes the ejection fraction is a measurement of how much blood your heart pumps with each beat. There is a technique that can be done to attempt to increase the ejection fraction. It is like blood pressure big cups put on the lower body to attempt to pump blood to the heart. Also, if you need to lose weight that is a must and get whatever exercise in that you can. You want to try to strenghten the heart muscle. You can make it go away but you can somewhat control the quality of life by doing other things mentioned. You really need to see a Cardiologist on a regular basis. The cardiologist has been a life saver for my spouse. My spouse was 39 years old when he had his first open heart surgery. He is now 57 years and still doing ok considering all things. I am anxious to know what your Cardiologist will say. If you dont have a endocrinologist to monitor your diab this would be a good time to consider seeing one vs your internist. Yes, the medication Coreg does help with the heart and has been a life saver for my spouse."