Like "Being a diabetic since the age of 6 is overwlming. Keep your chin up. When I was diagnosed 46 years ago things were really different. I think back then the instructions were: no sweets, no pop, that alone is hard for any child. If we did get a sweet it was sugar free jello. It only came in the color red.(LOL) When I went to school I kind of thought I was special because I was able to sit in the back of the class and have a snack. Woo-hoo! It was harder on my mother than it was for me. I hated the injections but I just though every kid got them. You will see with good eating and healthy management she will live a normal life. Look at all the celebrites and sports personnel that are diabetics. Years ago you would of never known. It is wonderful that now they share some of there experience and show there is no stop to what you can do with diabetes.........Debe"