Like "Susan, If it is not anything that the vascular surgeon can take care of, you might want to ask your doctor to send you for a test to see if you have neuropathy. I went to Duke University Hospital here in North Carolina to have mine. They test all the nerves in your legs or any place else you are having pain. When the results come back, you will know if you have it, where exactly you have it, and how much damage has already been done. The doctor that gives you the test can prescribe medicine for you that will be needed for pain and your regular doctor can be brought up to speed. There is one other thing that you might want to check. Most people have no idea that they might have a sleep disorder. If you have been having problems sleeping, this can cause swelling of the legs below the knees. Just thought I would add that. Lack of a good night's sleep can cause major problems in many areas of your health. Hope that you find out what your problem is. It can be very disheartening to be in pain and have no idea what the problem is. Just don't give up. Make a list to take to the doctor with you of each and every symptom you have experienced. You are the one in charge of your body. Don't be afraid to suggest tests you might need. And as others have suggested, change doctors if you feel that this is needed. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need some online sources concerning either of the problems I have mentioned. You can send me a message and I will mail them to you here on the site. Avera"