Like "My advice to diabetic parents has changed much recently over the past two months. I would usually give the advice of different treatment options, ect.. which is still good advice to give to parents, but recently my son who is 11 is already at the burnout point is his life, depressed enough to have given himself to much insulin because of the frustration of high numbers low numbers, bad numbers, good numbers. As parents we cannot help ourselfs from the complete fucus of our childs diabetes and it is sometime impossable to avoid always checking. My advice now is that there are no good or bad numbers only numbers and what we are going to do about it. There are no more testing our blood, tests are for school, we named the glucose meter George and we ask what has George said today. No, I don't sleep very well at night and I read every book I can on diabetes, I just treat my son differently now then before. He almost died and life has taken a bit of a turn around, but the most important thing is that he is always my son first who is a great football player and who loves to ride his bike, ect.... ect... then he is diabetic. "