Like "I, too, was wondering how you (Turtle) is recovering from your surgery. Mine was a day later. The orthopedic center provided good care, both in the hospital and afterward. I hope you are doing those exercises. Do you have a Passive Knee Exerciser? My doctor ordered one that I use 2x day, not 3, as being tied down 6 hours is emotionally confining. Have your sutures/staples been removed yet? I was surprised that the doc did that yesterday, and said I could go swimming. (Seattle is facing a heat wave.) Did your blood sugar spike way up, about 100 points higher than nornmal even though you were only hook up to a saline solution? I tried to go easy on the pain meds but but the therapist lectured me about the multi-purpose of pills, and to take them. Here's hoping that you are enjoying the summer gardens! "