Like "step 1. find an excellent endocrinologist step 3...n survive make sure the endocrinologist is there continually while you are in gestation. get this verified by at least two other endocrinologists. i mean verified whether type 1 or type 2. some young adults are developing type 1. be careful who gives you advice. this is an individual disease. i lost some weight ergo: i cannot take the pills. my blood sugar crashes. sometimes i can eat a bunch of candy. i check and need insulin. other times i do not. i take insulin on a demand basis. i have to test two to three times daily. if it is over 200 in the daylight, i take a small shot of insulin, as in three to six units. if i get 150 or over at bedtime i do the same. it is a fast acting insulin, novolog with a flexpen. this is easy because you slip a short needle on the end and twist to get your dosage and inject on your stomach or side or... my wife takes a short acting and long acting intensive dose morning and evening. if i did that i would be dead before i got to the hospital. this is not fun. the fluctuations in what happens if you are type 2 may affect your mind. i see a psychologist for this and other conditions. i am disabled, not because of the diabetes. i wish you well, n'shallah, god willing, in the names of the gods forrest"