Like "Don't give up on the doctor. I watched my mom swell so many times and all her's did was give her water pills. When my legs and ankles started doing this last month I did the very same things you salt, no soda, etc..but, it never improved, just kept getting worse. By the time I'd get home from work it looked like I had club feet they were so badly swollen. Needless to say by the time I got in to see my doc my BP had gone sky high and he put me on a BP med/duretic and added another med to the list when he said my metaphormin wasn't doing what I needed. Added to that was a bladder infection I didn't even know I had, so it could very well be some type of urinary infection adding to your complications. Hopefully the urologist can find a reason for the swelling. When it hurts so bad to even walk, you do wonder what your supposed to do to get better. Good luck and take care of yourself."