Like "My husband suffers from wacky triglicerides. His were over 1800 and the doctor told him he doesn't know why he is alive. He is generally healthy otherwise. He tried some meds, but they really messed with his liver and our pocket book, so now we go the supplement way. (I suppose this is why I am a supplement preson myself for my diabetes) Anyway here are some things that he takes to help Red Yeast Rice 2 daily Fish Oil Omega 3 2 daily We were using Policosinole, but we have not been able to find it for a long time, but that helps too. We got him below 800 which is still insanely high, but it is MUCH lower than 1800 Cutting out fat and fried foods is important also. That is his weakenss. He just found out that his Medicare supplement plan will pay for his membership at a gym, so he will be going there as soon as the paperwork is done. Exercise always helps."