Like "You know, about the time I think I have this disease figured out, someone throws in an extra curve! I have no idea what my AIC used to be, lately it was down to 6.1, a number my Dr said was still a bit high, since I don't know any previous numbers, I guess he is right. I finally was persuaded to start taking my BS --they haven't been over 190, THAT I KNOW OF, but they do not want to go down and stay down---fastings were 130 to 150 but at least that is down this week to 109---BUT I ate 2 little cinnamon rolls (Pillsbury) plus one cup of 2% milk only to check 2 hours later -it was 160! Doggone it, so I now know that I HAVE to give up such delicasies as I really don't want to have any more complcations of diabets to add to my list of NERVES! Pooey-Looey!! PR"