Like "I was so SURE that I would NOT fully develop this disease! haha---So, I was borderline for over 50 yrs. have a low thyroid, but mostly I have been fighting this depression, battle fatigue=complete exhaustion---barely get out of bed for 4 years, was so sleep deprived I was NUTS! There, I have said it! I am 77 yrs. and felt a bit smug about NOT really developing diabetis, BUT when I had my second knee replaced, was also trying to care for my declining, 98 yrs old mom, and grumpy husband, quit my 72 hours a week job, after retiring---it was 170. Not too high but the Drs were concerned! POOEYYYY! I should have KNOWN BETTER< But I thought that anyone could overcome anything if they just set their mind to it! Well, that has become another adjustment----I too, was mad at first, it wasn't enough to be as messed up as I was, God chose me to endure one more thing, the VERY thing I hated----to WATCH WHAT I EAT!! But you know what--after struggling, denying, trying again, I am gradually learning to take my BS like I am supposed to, watch the "goodies" that I had loved so well---that had so helped me in my depression--I know---emotional eating-----well, it caught up and I had to pursue other things to make me "feel good"! Now I am FINALLY getting into a better, healthier life style, joined the Wellness Center 3 X a week, going swimming, something I do ENJOY--but usually have to FORCE myself to get around and go! But once I get there, I so enjoy it. My BS is gradually staying within better limits, and I am losing a pound or two a week. I have belonged to Tops for years, but for the first time, I am finally, actually losing a bit, and I feel WORTHY of the progress! Another story-- hugs to all for your kind support! Pat Roth"