Like "My goodness! I hadn't realized that anyone would bully anyone on this site, so guess it is the same as dealing with life anywhere. I am just learning to stand up for myself in life--in general. All I can say is, it has helped me become a stronger person!! I DO have the right to discuse stressful topics, and THEY DO apply to diabetis! This world is made up of all kinds of characters. Our church group is NOT understanding of anything--they think that with prayer and denial of a problem, that will make it all better! Well, I am HERE to say, that that method of coping sent me into the blackest dispair I have ever had to endur---55 years of it before I could get my thoughts and feelings sorted out so I could SEE where my suicidal thoughts were coming from---and it WAS FROM DENYING AND BURYING hurts and pains from the past! That is one reason I was concerned when I read this topic of being bullied, or feelings hurt! They are just narrow minded people who don't have a clue, and we ALL are here to stress (a good meaning) otherwise! I was a nurse aide in a hospital, also ward clerk, took care of my aging mother, cared for others in the home after I retired in 1997, for 72 hours a week, and got TIRED!! SO TIRED I could barely get out of bed for 4 years! Don't tell me that caring for others isn't stressful and won't play havoc with blood pressure and blood sugar! I had NO problems with either one until I RETIRED! They call it "Battle Fatigue" . Just let anyone try to cope with an ill person in their home 24-7!!!! And expecially, Alzheimers! My, oh my!!It was rough in a hospital setting with only 8 or 12 hour shifts!!!! I have found that the ones who yell at you the loudest, are the very ones who have NOT walked a STEP in your mocasins! Support groups are here to LISTEN, maybe offer some advice, BUT NOT TO BELITTLE! For as Jesus said, "forgive them for they know now what they do"! How could they undermine someone who is already 5 1/2 ft under! No sport in that! Hang in there and KNOW that your friends are here beside you and SUPPORTING you! Ignore the rest and send up a prayer for them as they may have something similar waiting in their world! Hugs, Pat Roth"