Like "hi there!! well i guess alot of us are in the same boat!! i was 16 when i was diagnosed and felt the same way you did!! nothing seemed fair!! "i DONT WANT TO" became my catch phrase and the more i said it the less understanding people got! and the less important my diabetes became!! but i soon learned that my diabetes is important and the best advice i would give to some one who was newly diagnosed later in life is ALWAYS TALK ABOUT WHAT IS ON YOUR MIND. You might find yourself getting frustrated sad , angry or even lonely, but dont feel like you have to deal with it on your own, its JUST TOO HARD TO DEAL WITH IT ON YOUR OWN! so my friend, thats the best advice i can give you, remember that life is a gift and the gift of life sould never be wasted on pointless questions like "why me" just be happy that you're you!! best of luck in the future roshy ps feel free to get intouch "