Like "For me, reducing the carbohydrate content of my diet has been the key to achieving my ideal weight and keeping my blood sugars in control. Read the food labels of everything you buy to determine the total carbohydrate (not just the sugars) content per serving. For foods without labels, get a good guide or app like "Calorie King". Then, determine how many carbohydrate grams your husband is currently eating per day. Once you know that, you can begin to reduce the carbohydrate content of his meals (with his co-operation, of course). There is no one right amount of carbs for everyone. It depends upon age, gender, body-size, metabolism and activity level. A really great book to read about the effects of carbohydrates in a diabetic diet is Dr Richard Bernstein's "Diabetes Solution". By reducing and limiting his daily carbohydrate grams, he should lose weight and gain better control of his diabetes."