Like ""Watching my diet" can have many interpretations. Your A1c is too high because your BG's are too high. How many carbohydrate grams are you eating per day? To gain better BG control, cut back on your daily carbs until you achieve the BG levels you want. It's not easy, but, for me, reducing my daily carbohydrate intake is my key to good control. There is no one right amount of carbs for everyone. It will depend upon age, gender, body size, metabolism and activity level. I'm a 68 yr old active retired 5'3" female. I weight 118 lbs and allow myself no more than 115 total carb grams per day. My last A1c was 6.2. Some here can tolerate more carbs per day and others must eat less to achieve good control. Hoping you can achieve your target!"