Like "A fasting BG of 105 is higher than the norm, although your A1c is within the "normal" range. You don't indicate what any post-meal BG's might be which would further indicate whether you have some insulin resistance or whether the 105 was just a "fluke". Taking off any excess weight would certainly benefit you, especially if you are becoming insulin-resistant and in the "pre-diabetes" stage. Many of us successfully manage our diabetes by restricting our daily carbohydrate intake. There is no "one right amount" of daily carb intake that works for everyone. It will depend upon age, gender, height/weight, activity level and metabolism. Some "pre-diabetics have been able to forestall developing full-blown diabetes by making lifestyle changes in diet and exercise. Some Type 2 diabetics have been able, by making similar changes, to manage their diabetes without drugs. I believe there is one major factor in successfully managing any diabetes and that is a willingness and determination to make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve the desired results.."