Like "Medications, alone, are not the road to good diabetes control. An A1c of 9.1 is too high. Good diabetes management is a combination of medical care and a willingness by the diabetic to make any lifestyle changes in diet and exercise that will improve BG results. Many here have been able to eliminate their diabetes medication by cutting back on their carbohydrate consumption and/or increasing their daily exercise. There is no "one right amount" for everyone. Do you know how many carb grams you currently eat each day? That is a good place to start. Read the food labels of everything you buy and for those foods without labels, get a good carb guide or app that will help you. "Calorie King" is a good one. If your BG's/A1c are too high, reduce your daily carb intake until you achieve better results. It's not easy and requires determination and effort, but the results are well worth it....and may result in fewer meds."