Like "Some of the recipes here are quite good. I love the low carb pancake one made with eggs and cream cheeses and flax seed meal. Have you counted the carbohydrate grams you now consume every day? This is a very good place to start. Everyone has their own "magic number" of carbs that work for them. There is no one right number for us all. We come is all shapes, sizes, ages and metabolisms. The right number is the one that will allow you to maintain an ideal body weight and better blood sugar levels. If your BG's are too high and weight loss is a goal, reduce your daily carb gram intake until you reach a level that gives you the results you want. The magic number for me is 110 to 115 total carb grams per day. Some people here eat more and others eat less. Read all the labels on the food that you buy and pay attention to the serving size as well. For foods without labels, get yourself a carb guide or app. "Calorie King" is a good one. I also use a digital nutrition scale that allows me to weigh my food, input the food code and it tells me the nutritional values for that food which include carb grams. I would recommend that you read Dr Richard Bernstein's "Diabetes Solution". That book opened my eyes to the role played by carbohydrates in raising blood sugars and, I believe, it contains some recipes (I've loaned my copy to a newly-diagnosed friend.) My last A1c was 6.2."