Like "Let your meter be your guide about what works for YOU. We all have different food tolerances and metabolisms. I would be wary of any food marketed for diabetics. They often have as many carbs as their non-diabetic versions and are more expensive. Also, my experience with nutritionists has led me to conclude that they recommend too many carbohydrate grams per day for me IF I want to maintain my BG's at an acceptable level. I also don't go by net carbs but always factor in the "total carbs" in my daily carbohydrate calculations. I can't find my copy of Gary Scheiner's "Think Like a Pancreas" but. in it, he gives us acceptable ranges for post-meal BG's depending upon the type of control that you want: tight control, normal and looser control. If I can locate it, I'll edit this reply to include those figures. BTW, I usually have the same breakfast each morning which consists of 30 carb grams and comprises 2 slices of WASA Light Rye or Ryvita Sesame Crispbread (watch the varieties as some have considerably more carbs than others), 1/3 cup of Fage brand Plain Greek yogurt spread on top with fresh berries (this morning it was 2 large strawberries cut into 16 pieces - yesterday it was 20 blueberries) on top of that and cream in my coffee."