Like "I agree with everything people have said. My nutritionist who is my good friend and neighbor specializes in diabetes nutrition for Geriatric patients. The meal plan she did for me is done based on my many food allergies and someone much older than me. It works for me. It was low carb high fat. She had to change it once my gall bladder was removed and I had to go to low cab and very low fat. It works for me. I was on the phone with her when I read this and I read it to her. She said the nutritionist used industry standards which does not work for all diabetics. She said she can't tell me to tell you what to eat because you are not her patient. Did you read the label on your box of shredded wheat. I just checked original large biscuit shredded wheat. A serving size is two biscuits which is 37 carbs deduct 6gms of fiber and you have 31 grams. divide that in half and 15 grams. add the carbs from the milk and blueberries and you will find that you ate a good amount of carbs. Do you know how many carbs you can have per day/meal? if not you should ask your doctor. When the doctor gave me the total carbs I could have, I cut them in half per meal. I never have highs. I can have lows but that comes when I skip a meal. "