Like "When I was first diagnosed 3 months ago I was given a paperback book by the nutritionist at the hospital. One day I decided to have breakfast based on a 'breakfast menu' straight from the book that matched the carbohydrate total the nutritionist told me to have at every meal - 50 grams. Breakfast was oatmeal, 1/2 cup blueberries, one piece of toast and an egg. What a mistake that was for me!!! I found this site and soon learned to do what was best for me which was to lower my carbs. In the beginning I was so scared to not follow the 'rules' but now I'm not so scared to experiment. What a difference it has made in my numbers! It can take a while to get your bg readings in an acceptable range so don't get discouraged. My numbers are now getting more consistent and I finally feel there's hope. I've learned I have to be in charge of my diet and not rely on the experts so much. The true experts are the members here. Even though everyone's diabetic experiences and needs are different, just reading about all of them has made me realize how much there is to learn. Trust your body and numbers. You'll find the right path - you've gotten some great advice on breakfast. I had bacon this weekend for the first time in months, my numbers were good and I was a happy camper. Good luck!"