Like "Just to back up the comments made already, your highs are from those foods. Even with the fiber you have in your oats, there are carbs in them. The milk, regardless of how much fat, adds carbs. Those carbs will cause a rise in blood sugar. I would add this perspective. Even with diabetes of any type, my view is that foods are more than the carbs they contain. I try to look at food a bit more broadly and consider all nutrition. If you can fill up and get the nutrients you need from lower-carb foods, that is awesome. But, you also need to live and enjoy foods. I don't believe in one single way for all people to eat. Regarding keeping blood sugar down, my recommendation for breakfast would be to add some protein to replace some carbs. Additionally, there are more fiber-rich foods to try, and ways to make traditional breakfast with less carbs. Lots of great recipes on this website to try. "