Like "It's most likely due to the carbohydrates that you are eating. Track the total carb grams in everything that you eat. If after eating them, your BG is too high, you need to reduce the carbohydrate content of that particular meal. Once you reach a level that gives you good BG readings, you'll know what the right amount of carbs is for you. We are all different with different tolerances for certain foods. It has been my experience that many nutritionists advise people with diabetes to eat way too many carbs. This was true when I attended a diabetes management class last year. Personally, I find that I can maintain reasonable blood sugar levels by consuming no more than 110 total carb grams per day. I also exercise regularly and my weight is good at 117 lbs. Carbs are a MAJOR key to good diabetes control, no matter which typre of diabetes you have."