Like "Last ones I made were a mixture of pork and beef that I got on sale pre-mixed. I think I like the Italian sausage better. I try to find a package of mushrooms that are fairly large. I remove the stems and chop them (stems) in the food processor and add them back into the meat. Then I just mix in whatever I like, maybe a little cheese, onions etc. If I'm using sausage i won't add to much spice because it's already in the meat. Roll into meatballs and plop them in the mushrooms and bake. What ever I don't want that night goes in the freezer for another meal. You can also just buy premade meatballs and do something else with the stems (salad?). The crabmeat usually has some cream cheese. I go online and ask for crab stuffed mushrooms. Most of the recipes are for appetizers, but it really doesn't make any difference what size the mushrooms are as long as you're happy. 3 or 4 makes a nice meal for me depending on size. You might have some meat leftover...I just roll it into regular meatballs (not the crabmeat though. I try to make a smaller batch and use it all in the mushrooms.)"