Like "There is DEFINITELY a connection. The path to eating disorders starts with disordered eating. Getting the weight results one wants creates a positive sanction to go further with one's restrictions (in the cases of anorexia nervosa and orthorexia) and/or purges (in the case of bulimia). Not getting the results creates a negative sanction that increases the likelihood of new binges (in the case of binge eating disorder). All of these are obsessive-compulsive behaviors related to body image and self-esteem. The dietary restrictions in trying to maintain "perfect" (or as near as reasonably achievable) blood glucose control require a similar level of obsession. Those of us who have ever restricted, purged, or have any history of disordered eating (whether or not it got to the point of clinical diagnosis) need to be alert for these behaviors and address them immediately with our healthcare teams. There's more at risk than whether or not we can fit into a size 2 dress (size 2?! not even ana would get me there!) -- it's our very life that we are fighting for. Stay strong and fight D!"