Like "Hi Nani, I think every type 2 is somewhat confused when first diagnosed. the definitive "cause" of T2 diabetes is not known. there are strong indications that genetics play a role and that lifestyle may trigger (hasten) its onset. lifestyle meaning things like excess weight, being sedentary, poor diet, and yes even stress. there are two factors that can cause us to have high "blood sugar". one is reduced insulin production by the pancreas and the other is cellular resistance to that insulin ... and often a combination of the 2. (that was an oversimplification, but ...). my hope (plan) is to improve my bodies sensitivity to its insulin thereby preserving the ability of my pancreas to produce sufficient insulin. so far I'm accomplishing this with weight control, low carb eating, exercise, fasting, and daily meditation. of course, that's what works for me and since we all got here by different "routes" we all need to design the program that will work for us. best of luck to you. sounds like you are making a good start. one thing I just have to point out ... an A1c of 6.4 means that during the 3 months prior to that test your average blood glucose was 137 mg/dL. in my opinion, I'm certainly not a doctor I've just been dealing with this for over 10 years now, frequent testing ... mornings and right before a meal and 2 hours after ... is a really good idea until you can return 2 consecutive A1c's under 5.7. ❤ eat as if your life depends on it Steve "