Like "Hello, I started reducing my medication too about two weeks ago before my third follow up. I did not have any more refills for my Metformin and Pioglitazone both are for diabetes. My numbers were averaging 89,99 highest 115 and of course I was eating everything I should and there were times when I cheated and ate a chicken burger with fries, but my fasting levels would come out to 86 or so. I advised the doctor that since my levels were low I would skip the Pio and only take one Metformin 500mg a day. He has since advised me that it's been the meds that are keeping my numbers so low, but the side effects are taking a toll on my body, but that's another subject. I just listen to my body and play it by ear, doctor is aware of my med intake. Did I make sense, if not sorry. You are doing great with the weight lifting, that is something I have been trying to keep up with. Good luck :) "