Like "It sounds like you are doing great, my only suggestion is watch your glucose levels closely when exercising as you could go to low. Keep a few individually wrapped sugar mints in your pocket for emergency lows. I have had to use them a few times in the past to get my glucose back up. I have been lucky enough to have my body warning signs when going low, not everyone will have these warnings. I get confused and often get the shakes like the rush from a strong drink or drug sort of like the beginning of a drunk when going low. My wife has noticed it in me many times before I even realize it myself and tells me check your sugar. I recently drove on a long 13 hr trip only stopping for gas and maybe coffee but we did have snacks in the car with us. When I went low we stopped and got a sugar french vanilla cappuccino and was back for several more hours of driving before I turned the wheel over to her. I did have candy in my pocket but the cappuccino and peanut butter sandwich was what I preferred. Point is keep close watch when on insulins and doing physical activities as this drops your glucose levels. Glucose powers all the body and you can't live without it, we just don't want it to high or to low. Anything over 150 and I dose with Novolog anything under 60 and I eat or drink something to get it back up."