Like "I have suffered from ketoacidosis before. It seems to happen when I get sick *(real sick,not just the normal cold). Basically the sugar level readings are extremely high. Everytime I was also severly dehydrated..and low on potassium...which was awful to receive intraveniously. It messed with my heart one time too.. they gave me a number from my EKG (sorry, don't remember the number) but they said I was very close to having a heart attack. As far as symptoms go, it was extreme hunger and thirst, even though I didn't feel like doing either...I felt absolutely horrible...blurred vision, blurred speech, confusion, and then it came down to me losing consciousness, right in the middle of a conversation with my husband (which was about going to the ER). IF you think you might be going into ketacidosis, you need to get help immediately...go the ER. It damages quickly, so don't hesitate, and if you get there and find out its not that, then you are lucky. Hope this helps. Hope you get better!"