Like "Hello w8chd: As you know, there are RADICALLY different diseases which have the same generic blanket. There are fundamental rules which none of us regardless of "flavor" should break. Type 1 and 2 have all kinds of "similar" and "parallel". But there is an ocean of wiggle room with Type 2, and most of the other classifications (all?) have which TYPE ! does not possess We can debate the "brilliance" of a particular eating plan/nutritional approach or its lack, but over the long term, we must all balance the portions against our insulin usage AND our physical activities. Mess that balance up, particularly the insulin piece of the math, and it can have severe, possibly fatal consequences. It does not kill us often, but just once is one time too many. As someone whose body requires ONLY injectable insulin, its difficult enough to calculate, but toss in somebody's ~Avocado diet~ silliness (sic. to cure whatever side effects/symptoms) and there is unfortunately too much of what PT Barnum called ~hokum~. There are basic fundamentals of diabetes that cannot be ignored, not by Type 2's, Type 1's, gestational, LADA... as raw beginners, newly diagnosed, we start someplace, and carefully, slowly tweak what we do and use. The more experienced the doctor/teacher the better. Diabetes oes not suffer pretending we are not diabetic, Nor will it tolerate if we ignore the fact we have the disease for very long. Too often, or just once if the stars align correctly... when that happens any of us get turned into char-broiled toast by our disease. Hopefully we learn, and make a change or two As someone with far, far more than a day or two riding this dragon, the sole thing I need a doctor for, is their signature. I do it all myself, and only let them observe, tweak my formula(s) when I have troubles that I cannot solve in spite of my meaningful experiences. As a T1, I am forbidden all kinds of "alternatives" because they would literally kill me, if I were to use them in place of injected insulin. There are excellent reasons lots of "alternatives" are passionately discouraged. Take your pick, there are hosts of them. As diabetics we have to choose wisely AND with more than a little skepticism towards most of it. The rules for you are not different than, her, or him, me or the next hundred of us. There are basic rules that have zero to do with me as an individual specifically. ADA guidelines ae a place to start. Gotta start someplace. Ok so they are heavy with the breads, the carbs... you work from there IMV. What kids of alternatives you considering??? I surely could be mistaken, but only when I'm awake -S "