Like "I have found tht the key to my blood glucose control is limiting the total carbohydrates I eat each day. I religiously check the food labels for carb content...some items will surprise you. Many low-fat versions of the same foods (like salad dressing) have higher carbs than the regular version. Many sugar-free products have nearly as many carbs as those that are not sugar-free. I was surprised to learn that imitation crab-meat and lobster meat have about 13 grams of carb per serving while the real thing has zero. The ADA and many nutritionists will recommend more carbs than I found I needed to maintain good BG`s. There is no one right amount for everyone: it dépends upon gender, age, weight, exercise and metabolism. For me, if I eat no more than 110 total carbgrams per day, I`ve been able to maintain my A1c in the mid-6`s. If you haven`t checked out Dr Richard Bernstein`s book `Diabètes Solution``, I would recommend it. He opened up my eyes to the role played by carbs in managing diabètes."