Like "Meal planning in my house is what veggie looks like it is the next to go if it isnt used combined with some fat and some protein. Most veggies are green, broccoli, spinach, kale with some mushrooms, bell peppers and cauliflower thrown in, I eat freely of those. I have occasional slices of sweet potato and small quantities of carrots. I tend to limit the orange veggies because of their higher carb content. But like I said, I buy a lot of veggies about twice a week and eat my way through them. I eat a lot of eggs, and small quantities of beef, chicken, pork , turkey and fish. I eat about two meals a day and never eat more than 3 or 4 ounces of protien at a time. I, unlike some count the protein in my veggie sources in my total protein intake. I make sure I eat fat with every meal. Sometimes it is hard. If I am having grilled fish and brocolli what do I do for fat. I have logs of seasoned butter I keep in my fridge and freezer. So I put a pat on my fish and a pat on my broccoli. That is my meal planning in a nut shell. Making sure I have tons of low carb veggies, good quality protein, and "grab and go" prepared fat at my finger tips. "