Like "Yeah, sounds to me you REALLY need to make some phone calls. Medicaid is also out there if nothing else. I know you may feel too weak and ill to bother but it won't get better unless you put your all into it and pick up that phone! They have adult services, and all types of case managers out there that could get involved and help you out. You mentioned Epilepsy...that is a HUGE deal to quit you meds on! I know cuz I am on a few myself. And you may not be on Diabetic meds currently but maybe just maybe you need to be, you say your sugars are out of wack so you have a kit and strips thats' good! You voice your concern, which is great and important but voice it to some others there that can help you, we can support you of course, gear you in the right direction, at least I hope so, but you're right we are not doctors..PLEASE get to one! Love yassssssss Sheila "