Like "Oh I am alive...and well! Forgive me for not posting sooner but things have been rather hectic in my part of the world lately. On top of my new diagnosis my mother-in-law has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and still has two young children at home. That's a whole different story though... I have had numerous doc appointments within the last few weeks...the most notable being my appointment at a diabetes facility. I was given the results of my c peptide test which was 1.6, apparently normal, but low. I was told that I was in the honeymoon phase and that my natural insulin production would end most likely within the year. I was also told that the antibodies were present, making it officially type 1. The doc took me off the metformin and added Humalog on a sliding scale )should my sugars be above 200 pre-meal). That was a blow...I thought 2 shots a day was bad enough. The other blow...Before my diagnosis, my husband and I had decided that after two years of marriage we were going to start our own family. The doctor told us to forget it, that we shouldn't plan on it for a least a year and even then not if my sugars weren't under control. I know it's for the best, but it was a really hard thing to hear. So far I haven't had to use the Humalog very often, which is good because two of the times I've taken it it has made me crash! My doc told me I was "insulin sensitive" and I would need to adjust the amount I give through trial and error. I am a preschool teacher and I think one of the most frustrating parts of this condition is trying to make time for myself during a day that is already chaos, with so many little ones depending on me for so much. It's a huge burden right bill is making me broke, shots are painful and making me cry. I'm still trying to be positive about all of this but it's not working so well."