Like "I am proud that those of us who have suffered so much in the pass and present have been able to incourage others with illness to get out and fight for life and to be able to fit in society better.Those who have strong bodies and don't get sick much look down on those who do get sick as freaks or sissies or outsiders. But when we sickly folk can overcome illness and accomplish certain goals in life we become the stronger for it. Everyday that I wake up and live another day I thank God and feel blessed for being allowed to enjoy another day on this beautiful earth. Yes,I am looking forward to seeing God in heaven. But if God wishes me to remain on earth a little longer this is fine too. Like to day my sister and I brought a dog house,food,harness,feeder and bucket for a neighbors dog. They are out of work and young and not taking care of this dog very well. We have been feeding this dog for some months now and may be taking it next week to get shots. This dog has gone from not being able to look you in the face to wagging his tail and playing and having general fun. What a great feeling to help one of Gods creatures. We feel great. I have been taking my medacine lately as usual but my sugar has been staying high(around 145 to 185). I've been exercising etc. but I have gained some weight and have been stressing out some over credit cards etc. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can lower my sugars."