Like "Robin, Please don't beat yourself up, over this. It's natural, of course, for us to feel guilty over our childrens pain and suffering. That is how we were programmed. When my children were growing up, I also worked. But my youngest son, seemed to always have his accidents, on my days off! We spent so much time in the E.R., they know his medical records by heart! Since I worked at this hospital, the drs. & staff, would joke to me, about, "I just loved my job so much, that I couldn't even stay home on my day off! LOL But he was just being a kid, and experiencing life. We teach our children, that when life knocks us down, we get back up, and are a little stronger, each time! And yes, sweetie, all Mom's need a little me time! Guilt free! (this may be hard at first) Will say a little prayer for you and yours, Cyndi"