Like "Robin isn't it hard being a Mom? I had some of the same guilt feelings in January when I had to take Blaise my 11 year old in to the orthopeidic for the 4th time in 12 months. I was actually worried they would call social services. When I made a joke the Dr. told me that she "LOVES" her frequent flyers. It means that he is out there experiencing life and not stuck in the house watching TV or playing video games. Being over protective is normal for a good mother but we have to start letting go a little bit at a time. So give your self a break, let Laura experience life and be thankful that she is able to enjoying it - being an noraml kid. My boys tell me I am the most over protective mom in their school. But Blaise (11) will be backpacking this weekend in the mountains, with out me (or his father) and 3 hrs. away. Yes, there will be a lot of praying on my end :)"