Like "Good Day all! I used the 'Search' feature on this topic and here it is, at least one of the great Discussions already in place. Anyway...we have tried using the other than finger locations, when the Meter claims it can, and my Wife says it was a little less painful, a little awkward, and the results were well within the published limits compared to what her finger stick was at the same time. I've been peeking into this topic lately, and the only thing that has prevented us to doing this always, is my Wife just doesn't feel 'comfortable' using other than her fingers! Now I will not try to analyze this, I haven't had any luck trying it for 28 years. That is just how she is! As far as the Wipes go, I have been told not to use them before finger testing. There are many reasons, some mentioned here. Warm water and mild soap works well for us. Much more consistent readings over time also."