Like "Thank you for telling us about your life w/ diabetes. Your story was very touching and so heartfelt :) Again thank you for sharing it. It also shows that we can learn by our mistakes. And it shows that you are a very "strong" person to survive the heartships that you've been through!! Here where I live so many people just don't understand what having diabetes 1-2 is like and how serious it can be. Some people think that I'm giving them a load of crap because I can't do certain things (I have fibro & myofascial - plus am Type 2), and that I have to beable to eat - but can only eat certain things, needing to test 3 x's a day sometimes more. I was in court Tuesday as a witness & the judge didn't break for lunch. I knew that my BS was dropping, after testing I knew I needed to leave to get something to eat. I told one of the court officers what was going on, and he went to check to see if the judge was going to break for lunch. Since he wasn't the officer told me that I could leave "anytime". (The judge was very serious about people coming in & out of the court room while in session). I finally had to leave to get something to eat. While I was out - the officer went up to my daughter to make sure that I went to eat & that I was ok. (That made me feel so good to know that one person cared.). Yet I heard 1-2 people making comments that I did all that just to make attention for myself. (ok - jerks!!). I wear a mediacal alert necklace saying that I'm diabetic which I make sure is on the outside to be seen (my bs has been dropping alot more for some reason and it's so scarey when I'm out in public - I now have to have someone with me even if I go to the corner store), plus I have a med alert bracelet that states that I have a serious medical condition w/ medications since I'm on so many. My Grandmother was Type 1. She didn't take her diabetes serious and really suffered in her life because of it. Because of this I knew that I had to "follow" the doctors orders. Get as much info as I could. Best Wishes to you jphj00 & to all here! Always, Babs"