Like "Unfortunately, the answer is is still being processed...but I think this time, it will work. Because the test was before Oct 1, the old ICD code of 268.9 applied...(you had also given me that code). Part of the confusion on my part comes from a lack of communication..both from the doctor's office and from Quest. Part of the difficulty was that Quest refused to make any changes to the bloodwork order until after Medicare had denied the claim and I had received a bill. The customer service people at Quest I had spoken with evidently don't communicate with the Quest billing people because the Quest billing rep I spoke with on Wednesday, Feb 10 never mentionned that this had been resubmitted with the proper coding. The test was done on Sept 1 and the bill arrived in late January....very cumbersome and frustrating process. But, I'm not one to let go. Thanks for your help on this."