Like "hi devon! i know you've heard this several times now, but once again, welcome to the club. i've had type 2 for over 15 yrs. now, having been diagnosed at age 29. i remember how scary it was at first. i've always loved food, then suddenly food felt like the enemy. the best advice i can think of early on is to learn as much as you can, but at your own pace. besides seeing a diabetes educator (make sure he/she is a CDE certified diabetes educator), there are some very good books for newly diagnosed folks out there. "diabetes: the first year" is particularly helpful, and i'm sure other folks can also recommend some others. i'm sad to say that this never goes away, so you'll have to learn to deal with it in your own way. that's something we all have in common. just remember you're not alone, and lots of us are rooting for you."