Like "Hello... My name is Lisa I have been type 1 diabetic for 26 years now... and yes, I asked myself the very same question, way back when... You know though, it's not as scarey as you think... It is a lot of : new education, and following of new diet, and carb counting. however, things have advanced so in the many years since I was diagnosed, you are some-what lucky. I know how you feel though, for I just asked that very same question to myself, just 6 years ago, when my daughter was newly diagnosed at age seven type 1 diabetic as-well... gee... that crushed me more, then when I found out. There are so many advancements in the last 26 years since I found out, it is just unreal... There are now newer insulins, and insulin pumps, and carb counting etc. YOU'LL BE FINE JUST REMEMBER, CHIN UP, SMILE, AND TAKE EACH DAY AS IT COMES, AND STRIVE FOR THE BEST YOU CAN DO, AND START A NEW NEXT DAY IF JUST QUIET DOES NOT WORK OUT... STAY RELAXED, DON'T GET STRESSED AND BELIEVE ME, YOU'LL DO GREAT!!! I HAVE EVERY FAITH IN YOU TO MAKE A GOOD DIFFERANCE, FOR YOUR BETTER HEALTH,.. IT IS SCAREY AT FIRST, I KNOW, BELIEVE ME, AND I DO WORRY A LOT FOR MY CHILD, AND ME, BUT FINDING PEOPLE TO HELP AND SUPPORT YOU THROUGH IS JUST GREAT, AND THIS WEB SITE WILL DO JUST THAT... IT IS CHALLANGING AT TIMES, AND YOU WILL GET DISCOURAGED, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP, AND A GOOD DISPOSITION, AND YOU WILL DO FINE!!! smile... Lisa and daughter Advocate 2"