Like "Well I used the left overs from yesterday to make part of Supper tonight. Before Breakfast BG was 77 had a bowl of frosted flakes and a 16oz cup of hot cocoa Before Lunch BG was 132 I had a ham sandwich and a 32oz. glass of lemonade I also had a 32oz. glass of Ice water this afternoon. For Supper I made Ham and Bean Soup I used the rest of the Ham on the bone init and gave the bones to Sam next dog that dog will eat anything I give him. Some one else tried to give him some bones and he wouldn't take them but he took mine. The Neighbors laughed so hard Chris fell out of his chair. After Supper my BG was 240 I also made corn bread to go with it and fried potatoes and onions just the way Bill Loves it. I only ate one helping. Just alitlle while ago when I checked it for the last time tonight My BG was 273 so it went up after my bedtime snack of a bowl of popcorn. Microwave light kind. and another glass of lemonade. Now for my step Numbers: Steps: 3957 Miles:1.873 Calories:106.8 Rainy weather and very cold outside so no walking outside today.I did move some of my material totes to get the one I needed for the next quilts I am going to be makeing. Chneill different colors. One King size and one Wall hanging. Going to start on the tops now and then sew them together later and finish them after the Wedding Ring Quilt. Well good night all. Your Friend Always; Edie"