Like "And you gratefully at least make the point for a discussion, at the very least, on the matter. Of course, you SHOULD have access to the best care available. The choice is yours to make ALWAYS. Something along this lines can do nothing if open and further the discussion. This 'disease' is not only that. It is an epidemic, and if you check the Webster's definition for 'Plaque', both as a Noun and Verb, if that is not Diabetes, then what is? Although I respectfully disagree with your harsh and maybe narrow view, may we agree to disagree and get the ball rolling? And when you state "Your decision to expose your child to these diseases and their potentially deadly effects is on your conscious", what the heck does that mean, and I trully hope you are not specifically talking about my situation, which you have no knowledge of. And what piece of Legislation in it's first Authoring is worth a hill of beans."