Like "Ok now that I have read everyones posts I'm going to put mine in for today. I got up at 5:50 this morning and started Laundry at 7 Before Breakfast my BG was 115 I ate a fried egg with bacon (3 pieces) on a 6" sub whole wheat. with a cup of ice cold lemonade (32oz.) For Lunch I had a footlong veggie Delite from Subway with sweet onion sauce and a glass of pink Lemonade 32oz. Forgot to check my sugar. Sorry folks! Before Supper BG was 196 we had chicken and noodle dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans with apple sauce for dessert. Had popcorn for evening snack At 8:10 my BG was 172 and now it is 119 @ 9:54 pm. My steps were: 6202 Miles: 2.935 Calories: 167.4 Not as well as I wanted to do to day but getting there slowly. Have a great night everyone. Talk to you all tomorrow. Your Friend Always; Edie"