Like "Dave, you are on the right track. Its going to take time to stabelize. The reason your dr didnt want you to have a meter at first was because he knew you would have high readings and he didnt want to depress you. Its depressing enough to do all you can do right and still not see results that you expect. It takes time. you will learn portion control. The reason they have you log everything is so you can go back and see what works and what doesnt. Not eveyone is the same. What works for me, might not work for you and vise versa. keep a daily log of what you eat. what your numbers are. what you exersize and what you feel. Log your emotions and then go back and look at it a month later. It will be a fountain of information. The first month seems the hardest. Then things should/might start to get better, then you might start to let down your gaurd and might not take that pill at the right time. If you are still logging, you will be able to see what missing that pill did to your Blood sugar numbers. Like I said, congrats, you are on the right track. dont sweat the small stuff. Keep the long road ahead of you in focus. And its ok to error and get a reading you dont expect, dont let that get you down. Just do what it takes to fix it. Then get on with life. I beleive that all food is ok for us to eat in the right portions. I myself love chocolate and eat one mini reese penut butter cup eveyday. Its my chocolate fix for the day. When you stableize, pick out one item that you love. Reward yourself with a bit of it every day. hope this helps. Remember, we are human. We are not machines. Dont be harder on yourself than you need to be. "