Like "Hi everyone - thanks for the invite - I really learn a lot from your posts on here - especially when it comes to "numbers". I was 161 when I woke up this morning and have been averaging about 145-150 but my doc said it will take about 6 weeks to figure out the food/glucose thing as well as for the meds (Glucophage) to help regulate me. I have been doing the WiiFit, but we have all been sick here so I haven't done it in about a week - will jump back on this afternoon.. Had a tuna on high fiber whole grain bread for lunch with a leftover egg roll and a pickle for lunch...some fresh brewed iced tea...191 2 hours after lunch - evil egg rolls!!! Now I know not to do that anymore!! Must have been the duck sauce! Who knew I was so sensitive to that stuff? Sigh. Okay onto a better dinner and some exercise...not the end of the world, right guys??? Right? Guys.....????"