Like "I know not everyone will agree with me here, but even when you drink the sugar free stuff, it fools your body into thinking that you ate something sweet, but the calories are not there. So your body craves even more. It is an ugly cycle that I was trapped in for years and didn't even realize it. I went cold turkey on all sugar free foods. I knew I had to be strict on myself or I was going to just pussy foot around and not do it. Once I did, and stuck to my guns for about a month, I realized that the cravings were gone. You may have to ease into it by getting off sugar and into sugar free, but I would not linger in the sugar free world too long. There are a lot of very nasty things in sugar free sweeteners that are not kind to our bodies. I still get times when I crave something sweet or want something "carbful" and I will eat it, get it over with and move on. If that craving lasts more than a couple of days (mine are usually emotionally based) I know I have to kick my self back in line and just be disciplined. I am not always successful, but I can't afford to let it go, so I do my best to keep my eyes on it. "