Like "Normal, non-diabetic numbers, are almost always going to be between 60-100 but can go as high as 140 depending on the amount and type of carb eaten. As a first step he should aim for the ADA guidelines, under 120 fasting and before meals, under 180 after meals. Simply put, carb increases blood sugar, all carb, so first step is to evaluate what he eats and then make changes. Second step, exercise uses blood sugar so evaluate what exercise he is doing and then make changes. Testing 3 times a day is not great but also not bad. Most doctors don't prescribe anything right off the bat. Take those 3 tests and work on one meal for a week. Test before, 1 hour and 2 hours after. You will then get to see how that meal works, if it does than great, if not then change it. Once you have that meal down, move on to the next. I would start with lunch and then move to dinner and breakfast. The before breakfast number will be a fasting one and will be tied a bit to the after dinner number so you need to get dinner sorted first. Breakfast is also (usually) the hardest meal to work with so it's better to get the process down before trying that one. You could also ask for a prescription for more testing."