Like "I found that testing more often, like Sheila mentioned if you can afford it, helps tremendously, especially when you are first diagnosed. That way you can find out how certain foods or portion sizes affect you. For me personally, green beans raise my sugar. I have no earthly idea why, but they do. But I have learned what size serving I can get away with, thru trial and error testing. This is also invaluable learning for when you plan to eat out or will be traveling. Portion sizes at restaurants are many times the recommended serving size. IF you can go in with a clear picture of what you can get away with, ordering is much easier. In the product review section on here, there are alot of posts about meters and which ones are cheaper to use and still give you accurate results. I hope you find this site as wonderful as I do. Everyone on here is great and there is a wealth of information on here. "