Like "What a delema, I understand your pain in the issue. My MD qite a whle back, instead of telling me to diet and exercise suggested a surgery. I wanted a quick fix, something that would not take the determination that diet and exercise did (mostly because I was just lazy) Anyway, because my insurance would not cover it (I had insurance back then) I could not persue it. I recently posted a discussion called "Gastric bypass reversal" here and if you look that up, you will find the story of a dear friend of mine who had a battle for her life going on because of a complication from her successful sugrgery 6 years earlier. It is tricky, and it worked for my friend very well, but now she has been weak and recovering since October of last year. I don't say it to scare you, as you have had an experience with it before. Just to caution you that you need to make sure if you do it, that your insurance will cover ANY complications no matter how long AFTER the surgery. Also, make sure that you are comfortable with the doctor who does the surgery. My friend had moved to a different state, and her new doctor was nothing short of a jerk. She ended up flying back to her old doctor and he took care of her immediately. So look into that as well."